Actuary and Programmer:

Frederik Dyrmose

Easy to Use

Every option and function is well-thought to make it easy for you to find and work with developed solution(s).

Optimal and Versatile

I can program in Python, C++, R, SQL, VBA, Bash and similar languages, so I ensure the optimal solution in all environments.

Robust Solutions

One thing is to create a solution, another is to create long-lasting solutions; I emphasize robustness and efficiency when creating solutions.

Who I have worked with

What people say about me

I have gotten to know Frederik as a curios, proactive person, whom is always ready to learn. He is fast to understand and solve problems, and is good working as part of a team and as an individual on projects, where he takes complete ownership. I give him my best recommendations.

Claus Stenild




I like exercising, reading and technology, eg. installing new Linux-distributions and home projects with programming. Exercising regularly, either running, cycling or strength training gives me mental clarity and wellbeing.

In addition, I value time with friends and family; everything in moderation is important. Being an elite-athlete all of my adolescence has profoundly formed the way I act and think by being goal-oriented and ambitious.

Let me hear from you.