Frederik Dyrmose

I'm an ambitious young student striving to become a certified Actuarian; I'm a certified expert in Microsoft Office, with a great amount of practical experience with VBA, Python, R and PowerBI.

Design & Analysis, Reinvented.

Raise productivity, get insight into trends and a truly easy-to-use implementation into your existing Office-environment.

Get the best possible solutions

The world has become so fast paced that you don't want to be the one not keeping up.

Prevent User Errors

User errors are one of the largest challenges in still more complex IT-environments.

Be Automated

To ensure optimal efficiency of your routine tasks, keep it automated.

What is said about me?

I have gotten to know Frederik as a curious person, whom is always ready to learn new things. He is able to undertake new tasks fast and easily, and as few, he is able to both work exceptionally in teams and individually. I can only give him my highest recommendation.

Claus Stenild

Incident Manager, Danish National Police

My interests

Former elite athlete

I'm a former elite athlete on the national team in road cycling. Working out will always be important for me, as it gives me mental clarity and a surplus of energy.

Always learning

Curiosity is what drives me to always be learning, and reading enables me to understand and gain perspective that I otherwise would have been without.


Technology has always been one of my greatest interests. I like to test the newest Linux distributions, automate workflows and understand new technological progress.

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